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I knew I hated this game

From the Public Domain Review's top articles of 2023, here's the story of The Landlord's Game, which you may know as the family-destroying force of simultaneous acrimony and boredom called Monopoly. Turns out, as you might guess from how brutal the game actually is, that it was not initially pro-monopoly. In fact, it was anti-land-ownership, the product of an economic philosophy called Georgism that posited one can't actually own land. There were even two sets of rules originally: one based on equity and wealth redistribution, the other on... you know. It was also invented by a woman, and though she patented it, somehow it was yoinked by a guy who sold a version (with only the second ruleset) to Parker Brothers.

Truth will out, I suppose, but it's pretty sad that Lizzie Magie never got her due. I guess "Go" was catchier than the Marxy "Labor Upon Mother Earth Produces Wages."