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Horizon Zero Dawn

After undertaking a ridiculous repair job on our "new" Playstation 4, the logical choice was to start playing a game. Not sure what actually got me looking at Horizon Zero Dawn, but it's one of the more fun titles I've played in a while. I decided after almost 300 hours that I was done with Tears of the Kingdom so I did the final boss and didn't look back. So you'd think I might be done with swords-and-bows open world post-apocalyptic fantasy stuff. Yet I picked it up for $10 and it is a blast. Great stealth, fun combat, solid voice acting, and a mystery to unravel. There's a post-apocalyptic melancholy to the whole thing but it's shot through with humor too.

Looking forward to getting the sequel on sale, though for some reason the DLC is only on PS5. Get a PS5? No thanks! I will be giving that $500 to my daughter's preschool for approximately 17 minutes of child care.