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Yes, this, etc.

My quest for simplicity has led to some people doing some pretty interesting stuff. Even more appealing to me than Utopia is Every Layout, which frankly seems hard to sum up in an elevator pitch, but like Utopia it aims to get CSS back to declaration and away from prescription. In this case, it seems largely because declarative just works better. My only beef with this thing is the price. It's no doubt that a lot of work went into it but 70 bucks is steep.

The further I read into the sample content, the more I'm standing up, punching the air, screaming. It's that invigorating and it makes that much sense.

Incidentally, one of the authors is responsible for CUBE CSS, which I'm been looking at with interest too. I'm a BEM-head from way back, but this looks like an interesting philosophical take on CSS that embraces a recent trend among true HTML/CSS folks: Stop fighting the cascade. You're speaking my language.