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Typora for Windows

I've now been on Windows at work for 3 years and finally found a notes solution that seems to work. I have a weird set of requirements:

  • I want it to look reasonably good if I'm looking at it all day
  • It has to support Markdown
  • It should support images
  • It should have a "notebook" interface
  • It can't use web sync because I work at a financial institution
  • I can't run installers (unless they're single-user) because my work machine is locked down

Finally, I found Typora. Insanely, it actually meets all these requirements, including a great notebook-style interface when you open an entire folder. Plus it has a few other features:

  • Document outline
  • Multiple themes (most of which aren't super great)
  • Export into HTML, PDF and all kinds of other formats

If you're on Windows or Linux, give it a shot. It's on Mac OS as well, but Mac users have such a glut of great markdown editors and notebooks (Bear and Byword are still among my favorites) that I'm not sure it's worth mentioning for them.

Update: I have moved away from Typora in favor of a complete knowledgebase approach of Obsidian, which is far more of a "notebook." Plus Typora has a cost and I can't buy stuff like this for my work machine.