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RIP Gary Floyd

A few days before the earth-shattering news that Steve Albini had passed, we lost another great of the punk rock world, the mighty Gary Floyd.

Floyd was the frontman of the Austin TX punk group The Dicks, and aside from being an early figure in non-LA hardcore, he was a bold-ass human being who was 300+ pounds, openly gay, openly communist, and often in drag on stage. And for all of Austin's reputation as a haven for weirdos and punks, it was and is still in Texas. So I'd argue Gary Floyd was one of the bravest, gnarliest, most badass punks in a genre that even then was becoming increasingly tough-guy and jock-ified.

So RIP to one of the realest to ever do it, and one of the very few people to get a Butthole Surfers song named after him.