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PURE Framework

This article came out early last year, but PURE is a new-to-me usability evaluation method from Intel Security and the master of UX metrics, Jeff Sauro. I'm always looking for low-impact, low-cost ways of evaluating the usability of features before (or, god forbid, in lieu of) a full moderated test.

In some cases, that can be done. Even if you're against the idea as a useful method on its own, it can point to the places that need to have full testing done on them. PURE is nice because a decently-trained person can do it without having to hold tons of heuristic guidelines in their head. And you get a pretty nice-looking chart result at the end.


I've created a spreadsheet that calculates up the scores, and some Figma components to build the chart. I think this might be the case I've been looking for to develop a tool for Figma using their API.

Here's the full whitepaper.