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Photoshop Design Spaces

This feels like a step in the right direction. One of the arguments that persists despite Photoshop adding tons of new and relevant screen design features in recent months is that the old granddaddy does too many things. It had great features for photographers and retouchers, great features for graphic designers, great features for UI designers, and all that adds up to "too many features." No one person is likely to use everything that Photoshop offers anymore. So we're left with feature weight, function weight, and interface weight, while upstarts like Sketch barrel in with a limited toolset and huge efficiency of performance and UI. Design Spaces appear to directly acknowledge and address this problem.

Vinh is wrong about one thing though:

What strikes me about this situation is how remarkable it is that it exists at all; the Adobe of a decade ago seemed to have little or no interest in what was important to web and interface designers.

The Adobe of a decade ago was still putting resources into Fireworks, the wellspring of all these screen design tools. So if the streamlined interface of the screen Design Space owes a lot to Sketch, it's good to remember that Sketch didn't completely come out of nowhere either.