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In praise of Jeet

EDIT: I spent a lot of time using Jeet on a lot of sites and apps once I discovered it. Thanks, Jeet.

I've used a lot of CSS frameworks, minimal grids, etc etc. I've even made my own, which frankly would've worked for this site. But it didn't work for the more complex purpose I had hoped to apply it to, so I ended up using Jeet, which is a variation on what this site actually uses.

This site uses Lost Grid, a PostCSS based system that's pretty neat. But its creator's earlier work, Jeet (for Stylus or Sass), is a pretty beautiful creation on its own. Awesomely, it's now being maintained again by someone else, so it feels alive and pretty safe to use. That's nice because I'm just not quite ready to throw PostCSS-based tools into production yet. I need speed, and speed means familiarity. That means Sass. I'd encourage anyone looking for a grid that is only a grid to look at Jeet.