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Another day, another blog redesign

Been thinking about doing this ever since I did the last one. It never quite came out the way I wanted and frankly, the newspaper-ish feel just didn't work. It worked in my head, and it sorta-kinda worked in Figma, and it just didn't translate.

After reading about Utopia and thinking, hey maybe I should do that, I went a little deeper into the rabbit hole of simplicity.

Some notes:

  • There was no Figma phase to the "design."
  • I did this entirely live by mounting my website with rclone and editing live with GEdit (Atom couldn't browse and edit the remote files fast enough).
  • There are 157 lines of CSS, un-minified, with a carriage return between each rule. It uses zero media queries. There aren't even any columns, so I didn't get the chance to evolve from flexbox to grid.
  • I'm using CSS custom properties for the second time in my life, and though it doesn't give me everything I want from the Sass feature set, it's really great to get variables while staying native.
  • I didn't quite leave the HTML unchanged, but I probably could've. I've been using almost the same HTML pretty much since I switched to Kirby many years ago.
  • Standard posts have a larger first paragraph. This might possibly be inspired by Lagrange, the nicest Gemini client out there.

I suppose I'll enjoy looking at this for a couple weeks and then off we go again, probably with a pendulum swing to complexity. Or maybe I'll just change that yellow to something else to tide me over for a bit.