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A better way to keep notes

I'm definitely not alone here but finding the perfect toolset is a slight neurosis of mine. And I thought I had it with Typora, a flat, local markdown editor with a notebook view and cross-platform access. But along comes a reference to Obsidian — in our local Nextdoor of all places — and I feel finally ready to move things off Notion and out of the cloud.


Obsidian has a lot of great features on top of being a markdown notebook, including:

  • web-less encrypted sync
  • images
  • CSS-based themes
  • wiki-style internal linking
  • a nifty graph of all the links
  • mobile version
  • plugin architecture with a very active community

The one thing it lacks from Notion is a database, but increasingly I find that the kitchen-sink approach isn't working for me. I just want structured text with images, and I can go to LibreOffice Base or Airtable to organize data.


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