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Tandem iPhone App

Photo sharing (in our opinion) done right

Roles Product Strategy Information Architecture Visual Design
Tools Photoshop OmniGraffle

Tandem is a photo-sharing app for iPhone that creates event-based social photo albums without the need to assign them yourself and no need to connect to social networks.

Selected Images

List of Albums

Before Facebook Moments, and before iOS organized your photos into "events," we used geolocation and time to do the same.

Album View

Each album was populated by the other Tandem users who had the same events. Users could choose which photos to include in the Tandem album and which to keep private.

Photo Sharing

Users could circumvent any problems with geolocation by manually adding photos to an album.

Settings Drawer

The menu options. At the time, the hamburger was just beginning to be hotly debated.

Photo View

The view of individual photos and where on the map they're located.