Mike Propst User Experience

Glaucoma Surgery Tablet App

App to help sell surgery tools through doctor education

Roles Information Architecture
Tools OmniGraffle

I worked with the team at HCB Health — most closely with a content strategist and creative director — to build the early wireframes for an educational material and simulation application for the iPad.

The content focused around the client's branded product, an advanced version of a shunt used in glaucoma surgery. The procedure is a low-reward, low-profit surgery that the client hoped to improve for surgeons. But the materials to educate doctors on modern procedures, not just their product, were few and far between.

In addition to working with the HCB team, this work involved close communication and frequent checkins with the client.

Selected Images

Home Screen

The circular navigation system mirrors an eye but not in too literal of a way.

Home Screen - Expanded

Tapping the Featured Content area expands the center of the circle.

Content Pages

Interior pages use a fly-out circular navigation to move around the main sections of the app.

Video Content Pages

The bulk of the content of the application is video instruction.

Suture Training

The application features a few simulations of the difficult sutures needed to perform the implantation procedure.

Device Model

The device is shown in wireframe and photo-rendered view, zoomable and annotated (The actual device is far too small to examine in this level of detail)


An interactive timeline lets surgeons compare recovery and maintenance periods with different procedures and implantations.

Early sketch

Early concept sketches, including the circular navigation.

Concept sketches

Early on, the different content sections were going to mirror a stack of folders.

Early concept sketches

Designing the content navigation in the early phases.