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Humidity Labs

Bandwagon iPhone App

Location sharing that was unfortunately ahead of its time

Roles Product Strategy Information Architecture Visual Design
Tools Photoshop OmniGraffle

Bandwagon was an iPhone application for coordinating short-notice meetups that predated Apple's Find My Friends. Ultimately, location services were not what they are now, background processes didn't really exist, and battery life hurt the application as well. But having an SMS and web app component helped us with the problem of syncing users without the app installed, and would've hopefully aided adoption.

Selected Images

Splash Page

My first foray into iOS design.

Start a Location Share

Users could start a meetup by their current location or by entering an address.

Location Search

Maps data populated the search with nearby businesses.

Location View

The view of a location before confirmation. It showed the users approximately how long it'd take to get there (from Google Maps) and an action button to start the meetup.

Track Friends

The primary view during the meetup process was a map where each friend and the final destination were shown

Arrival Confirmation

Due to inaccuracies with the early (iPhone 3G) GPS location technology, we included a confirmation to make sure we didn't falsely label someone as arrived.


Screen that shows the invitation to meet up, who else is invited, and allows the user to accept or decline the invitation.