Mike Propst User Experience

AOL Seed Admin

High-volume user-generated content processing

Roles Information Architecture
Tools OmniGraffle

When AOL's Seed user-generated content management tool launched and integrated with the Blogsmith CMS, the need soon became apparent for a small administration staff to oversee the process from a higher level than what individual site editors could do. This interface was created for those users.

The visual treatment for Seed was handled by another team; these are my wireframes.

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From here, the admin can see all the content coming in from freelance authors and all of the outgoing assignments from editors.

Assignments List

Here the admin monitors the assignments. She can check to see if the price is going to be effective based on projected earned ad revenue from the published post. She can also see whether there is sufficient response to the assignment.

Edit Assignment

This screen mirrors the CMS view of the editor who created the assignment, but lives inside the admin tool for the purposes of fixing errors, adjusting prices, and tweaking assignments.

View Submissions

The admin can view all submissions for the assignment. Includes stats for the submitting author and a Flesch-Kincaid analysis of the submission as compared to that of the site to which it will be published.