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December 18

Hopefully The Last Word on Design Thinking

Khoi Vinh, a voice of reason, finally weighs in on the debate with "In Defense of Design Thinking, Which Is Terrible." Apparently he also thinks that most of the arguments against design thinking are anti-democratization.

So when I consider design thinking, it matters less to me whether it leads to a lot of bad design or not. What matters to me is whether it helps broaden the language of design, if it helps expand the community of design, if it helps build a world that values and understands design better than it does today. If design thinking is making us more relevant to the world at large, leading non-designers to embrace the way designers think, then the net effect strikes me as positive.

August 22


I sat down with my son (5) and the Alesis Micron that is now anchoring my live set and we made a little track together. It was going to be called "Disco Slash" but for unknown reasons, he retitled it to the less inspiring "Disco Party." I helped with the mechanics but all the sequencing is him.