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Bootstrap 4 Alpha

Bootstrap unveils Version 4 Alpha, and while it's not the complete upside-down reversal that 3 was, it looks like there's a few things that will keep most people from being able to migrate existing projects. Most notably it's Sass instead of Less. I feel like I'm the only person in the world using Less at this point, so I'm not super surprised. Libsass has come into its own as a Ruby-free implementation of the arguably superior preprocessor, and the Sass fork of Bootstrap 3 seems popular, so this isn't a surprising move but it's still big.

Cards are a welcome addition. Panels and wells always seemed like a hacky way to implement "boxed" or "separated" interfaces.

Killing off the separate theme stylesheet is great too. It's always been a little confusing how the Bootstrap folks intended us to split our customizations between variables.less and theme.css.

The handling of Flex-box sounds smart, and dropping IE8 is a great move. Bootstrap is so popular that it has helped drive feature and browser support.

I'm looking forward to trying it out. Might use it for a sorta in-the-works redesign of this site that I started.

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